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  About Our Bracelets  
It is not the green that makes a walk in the woods memorable, but the unexpected patches of color and light that we glimpse along the way...the neon green of lichen, that vivid yellow leaf spinning by in a dark stream, the red flash of a bird's wing in the shadows. It is these flashes of brilliance that I try to incorporate in my bracelets.
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Our Bracelets

The list of stones and beads used in these bracelets is huge. I often include Czech glass, crystals, abalone shell, fossils, bone, and other non-stone materials, but for the most part, semi-precious stones and silver form the scaffolding of these bracelets. The subtleties contained in the main stone determine the overall color scheme. The silver beads used are created by craftsmen throughout the world, including Navajos, Rajasthani's, Nepalese, Balinese, etc. Your bracelet is completely unique. No two stones are ever completely alike, and occasionally I cannot obtain any more of the stones or beads that I have used in your bracelet.

Below is a list of many of the semi-precious stones put to use in my bracelets, and now, in your bracelet.
Jaspers: bracciated, Kambaba, leopard, Chinese rainbow, red, and ocean.
Turquoise: domestic and foreign including blue Taiwan and Navajo
Agates: crazy, banded, bamboo, fire, flower, Botswana, moss.
Also included are the following: howlite, naodelate, purple flurite, moss opal, labradorite, varasite, Chinese unakite, green jade, rhononite, mokalite, red aventurine, yellow tigereye, coral, serpentine and others.
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